Reincarnation World

      Captain L. Edward VanHoose M.A. - the creator of this site - is an acclaimed biblical, scientific, and philosophical source.

       Fully credentialed, he graduated with a major in the social sciences, from the University of Baltimore. Graduating from Atlantic University, in Virginia Beach, his Masters Degree included creative writing with the late author: Jess Stearn and a focus on transpersonal study: (i.e. Parapsychology, comparative religion, and the like). 

       Armed with an additional  diploma in the all important school of "Hard Knocks" - he does just fine when greeted as "Capn" Larry.

     A renaissance man, his various professional experiences include maritime trades from tug boat deckhand to yacht captain. A retired business owner, he presently persues speaking, fine photography, writing, and teaching.  
     Author of the well received The Voice: How the Bible Reveals Reincarnation, and The Bible Reveals Reincarnation, he's the proud father of three adults and grandfather of five children.
      An astute Chesapeake Bay waterman, and jovial merry mystical mariner of the old school, the "Capn" lives aboard a fine sailboat finding life, liberty, and happiness a most pleasant pursuit